Friday, July 02, 2021

Fisting Tarantino with Righteous Fury

 I actually loved Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I'm one of the few people who did. Except for that shitty scene shitting on Bruce Lee. And the super limp Playboy Mansion party scene. Overall, though, I felt there was a lot of heart, redemption, and cathartic kindness served in the movie by rewriting one of the most brutally sad true Hollywood stories of all time. I didn't even mind that Tarantino, like the foot wanker he is, had an Aussie portray Sharon Tate, and of course jammed her luscious feet in our faces. I still felt like it really humanized her in a way the obsessive and gross tragedy porn surrounding her murder since then has always made even worse. So much sick wanker salt in the Sharon Tate wound.

Still, I was glad to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar express how shitty Tarantino's insulting depiction of Bruce Lee was. Glad to see SOMEONE set the record straight for people who are too young to remember him and what an enormous hero, teacher, entertainer, and more he was (and still is) for so so so many people. Hopeful that people recognize that Tarantino might know a lot of trivia and have stolen a lot from kung fu movies made by actual originators, but he isn't a fucking authority on every single thing that ever happened in film and on TV. I hoped fans would know that some people (ex. BRUCE LEE) were making movies decades before he was, and under much more pressure from all kinds of crazy scary directions and with less bankrolling than some snot-nosed video store clerk got through complicity with the serial rapist we know is Harvey Weinstein. SOME people were making movies they also starred in where THEY actually weren't just some shit-acting ugly-faced foul-mouthed cameo, but WERE HOT, PHYSICALLY IMPRESSIVE, AND HAD AN AGENDA OF LIBERATION.

When my friend and I talked about this troubling aspect of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, my friend said he believed that Tarantino wasn't really disrespecting Bruce Lee, but just depicting him through the eyes of Brad Pitt's jealous character immersed in a fantasy.

But nope. Here we just found out via Tarantino trying to impress shithole Joe Rogan that ... nah. Quentin says we should all "suck a dick" if we have a problem with his treatment of Bruce Lee, insisting that his portrayal was ACCURATE. He insists,

"Bruce had no respect for American stuntmen, he was always hitting them with his feet. It’s called tagging when you hit a stuntman for real. He was always tagging them with his feet and his fist and it got to the point where they would refuse to work with Bruce. He had nothing but disrespect for American stuntmen. It was probably just like, ‘Oh they’re just not good enough. They are pussies. I want to make it look real!’ But stuntmen don’t like that. That’s unprofessional."

Hey, Quentin ... you want to know what's "unprofessional" and DIRECTLY RELATED TO ACTUALLY SHITTING ON STUNTMEN ON SET??

YOU ALMOST KILLED UMA THURMAN, making she (who is NOT a stuntman) do her own stunts in a totally unsafe car on an unsafe road while your stunt coordinator was suspiciously not even aware it was going to happen, and for years was complicit in covering it up. But you're shitting on Bruce Lee for "tagging"? In, what, the sixties and early seventies? But you did this to Uma decades later when the whole industry KNOWS BETTER? You can do more than suck a dick, shithole ... you can take a big fist up your ass straight out your mouth, asshole. If you want to talk with expert authority about someone doing "unprofessional" stunt shit on set, talk about that. And don't ever open your fucking mouth about anything else when you weren't even there until you've made amends for that. Which you never have, you rich SHITHOLE bastard.

Tarantino bad-mouthing BRUCE LEE as having "NOTHING BUT DISRESPECT FOR AMERICAN STUNTMEN"? Pretty sure Tarantino is using the word "American" when he really means white. Tarantino who put DAVID CARRADINE -- the white guy who knew zero martial arts but was given Kung Fu and the role of a Shaolin monk instead of Bruce Lee -- in those ass-of-Carradine-kissing Kill Bill movies.

I am actually grateful for Tarantino clearing up any doubt we had about his fetishization of people (and feet, which is pretty hot and not problematic but SUPER RIDICULOUS how he denies it and shows he does not have the capacity to be honest about his motivation when it's harmless sexy fun OR when it's actually a really big fucking deal like when traumatizing actors so he can wank to extreme caricatures of the BBC/big black dicks and N-words he's obsessed with); the man is dishonest. Amazing movies, but he is dishonest and puts people in extreme life-threatening jeopardy, traumatizes and injures them.

It is SO IMPORTANT to him to perpetuate his fantasy perception of Bruce Lee as LESS than the great (and good) person, athlete, and legend that he was / is willing to shit on his survivors. It would be bad enough if it were "just" his daughter, but IT IS NOT. You cannot pretend to have respect for "American stuntmen" and the movies and true real life tragedies or even the whole fucking WEST COAST of this country when you shit on the legend of Bruce Lee in such a disdainful, selfish, hypocritical way REPEATEDLY. So unnecessarily. Because you want to climb inside Joe Rogen's hateful ass for treats and approval?

When faced with this obvious truth (everything Tarantino does is done FIRST AND FOREMOST for his own self-serving wank, and for sure is not in service to healing a wound in the American psyche) I have to accept that the things I defended in and celebrated about Once Upon a Time are just my fantasies of wanting to be able to enjoy Tarantino's movies on the big screen without acknowledging how he really only cares about himself.

So yeah .. GREAT ... I hear where you're coming from, Quentin; you like Kung Fu just enough to steal from it and to not pay any respects but to actually TEAR DOWN the man who brought that here -- the whole REASON you got to see any of that on TV growing up -- it was HIM *NOT YOU*, but NOT AS MUCH as you want to be Brad Pitt's bitch boy cocksucker. There is a hierarchy of dicks Tarantino's mouth gets wet for, and the real reason he puts Bruce Lee down is because in his richly detailed land of of dearly-beloved stereotypes and fetish fantasies, Bruce's Chinese cock wouldn't be able to stretch out Quentin's thirsty BIG WHITE BITCH MOUTH. That's his real problem right there.

I may be in the immediate throes of very black and white thinking here so soon after reading his shitty words and may soften up SOMEWHAT to accept ... it can be both black and white (although it is never EVER just a muddle of fucking GREY IN THE MIDDLE with Tarantino no matter what your scorecard looks like after the final bell ... the best will be BOTH black and white).

Tuesday, May 07, 2019


If the internet was wise, it would NOT show me Jimmy Fallon's face when I have PMS.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Blake Shelton is NOT Sexy

Okay, I can understand that there might possibly be newer up-and-comers (ahem) who might be sexier than or AS sexy as The Rock.

But Blake Shelton is not even fucking close to being one of them.

Here's where I caught wind of this proof that the majority of people cannot be relied upon to vote for people who are qualified for the position:

The Rock comments on no longer being the sexiest man alive

I suspect this is part of of our country's mad regressive rush into an insane white-lives-matter mentality. NEWS FLASH: if this is your poster boy, he's not proving your point with his piggy close-set eyes. He is much closer to ugly than sexy. Like ... anybody who wants to make a good mating choice would rule him out. Unless you are a fucking inbred moron.

Also? Most country music on the radio is not "country" or even "music" anymore; it's formula-driven commercial basic SHIT and straight-up propaganda.

I don't have a problem with loving guys who are as unattractive as Blake Shelton, or coming to find them attractive based on other factors. If you're married to someone who looks like Blake Shelton, I think it's super sweet if you post how he's The Sexiest Man Alive on your facebook wall. And I do not support people calling people ugly (the way I'm doing here) except in a situation like this. But objectively speaking, this is not a guy with sexy genes. Just fucking NOT. Gross. What the fuck is wrong with people????? Why is everybody so fucking stupid???????

It's frustrating, the ridiculously high(?) standards of beauty & sexiness women are held to, while THIS ugly tiny-featured average-at-best jackass is crowned The Sexiest.

Pretty sure the reason bitches voted for him is BECAUSE he's an insulting, stupid, proudly simple-minded shithole:

People's "Sexiest Man Alive" Blake Shelton Has Apparently Tweeted Some Very Problematic Things

Have fun making America "Great Again" ... aka totally destroying everything good about it and creating a flammable cesspool and forcing us all to live in it with your dumb fucking hateful shit-for-brains asses.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I finally bought the domain:

If you type it in, it redirects you here to the blogspot.

Nothing fancy about it right now, I just wanted to have it. Because THERE IS SO MUCH TO BITCH ABOUT THESE DAYS. Know what I mean?

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Regression of Civilization

We are not becoming more civilized. With alllllllllllllll of the advancements, all of the access to information, all of the TOOLS ... we are becoming LESS civil. Accomplishing less. Squandering more. Advancing not towards more beauty, more kindness, higher qualities, more wisdom, better health, more wealth FOR ALL ... instead we're advancing into dark, stupid, hateful, ugly territories of decayed values, inconsideration, disrespect for ourselves AND others, and absent morals. Missing a sense of responsibility to be WORTHY of pride,

I already knew it, but ... I didn't really want such ugly proof I was right.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's NOT 2016 Yet, Assholes

I live on the WEST COAST. The PACIFIC NORTHWEST coast.

It's only fucking 9:03 PM here and some shitholes have been blowing up fireworks for the past three minutes like they don't know where the fuck they're at.

Go back to the fucking east coast if that's the way you want it, dickstains. And you better pack up all your fear-of-nature noise-polluting New Yorker bullshit and take it home with you. I don't want to hear it, and I don't want to see you wearing ballcaps and jerseys supporting your fucking east coast sports teams, either.

Happy fucking new year, assholes.

Barking & Bitching

I'm *really* excited about the dog barking in our neighborhood. At THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MOTHERFUCKING MORNING.

Oh ... nice. It just stopped AFTER, LIKE, FIVE MINUTES or whatever as soon as I typed that. I guess five minutes isn't a really long time. UNLESS YOU WERE FUCKING SLEEPING.

I wasn't. So it just gave me something great to exuberantly bitch about!


I've got a lot of bitch drafts in the hopper, just waiting for the right time to post them.

One of these days ...

Friday, May 09, 2014

Splurging on Dinner Out with YOUR FUCKING BABY

Dear assholes who take your fucking babies to fancy restaurants: PAY FOR EVERYBODY'S MEAL.

When you bring your crying infant or noisy child to an expensive restaurant YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY RUINING PEOPLE'S NIGHT OUT. One they may have saved for a month for. That they are not paying $17-$50 a plate to eat accompanied by the sound of you trying to baby-talk your child out of screaming, or train them how to sit in a high chair ("sit your bottom down :: sit your BOTTOM down :: SIT your bottom down :: SIT your BOTTOM down! :: SIT YOUR BOTTOM DOWN!") or endure the drama of your precious toddler choking while you throw it over your knee and whack it repeatedly in the spleen.

What kind of a fucking asshole are you? You're a shitty self-centered fuckwad with too much money. I'd be happy to relieve you of all of it minus cab fare to get you the fuck home and away from everybody's else's grown-up dinner.

There is a difference between The Old Spaghetti Factory or a family diner and a pricey restaurant with walls lined with drugs (aka alcohol). Your little fucking child does not belong there. If the average price of an entree is over $15, YOUR BABY SHOULDN'T BE THERE. *****ASSHOLES*****

This is for you, mouthbreathers at The _____ Grill on this Friday in Seattle tonight. I don't know if it was the parents' choice, or the grandparents perhaps insisting NO IT WILL BE *FINE* KIDS! OUR TREAT!! LITTLE FUSSY HONEYPANTS WILL BE JUST FINE THERE!!

Actually I really blame restaurants for this. You have no fucking business allowing barefoot people, dogs, folks with their dicks hanging out of their pants or wee ones into a restaurant where you charge those kinds of prices. Your food is delicious and worth it, but you should comp everyone or give the whole house deep discounts if you compromise the entire dining experience by letting morons in with their noisy little creatures.

Now that I think about it, I would MUCH rather sit next to a barefoot dog with its dick hanging out of its pants in a nice restaurant than a baby, okay?