Sunday, September 04, 2005

Crusty Cast Iron

I fucking hate washing cast iron frying pans. I hate scraping, I hate the grease that runs off them to coat the sink, I hate the whole "to use soap or not to use soap" dilemma, I hate the curing and the bullshit and that they are TOO FUCKING HEAVY FOR ME TO LIFT with my weak little pansy-ass wrist.

They look so quaint and rustic, but I have no more use for them in my life. I wonder if my boyfriend would notice if I threw them away while he's gone?

I suppose the main issue is just that I hate most types of manual labor and resent every second spent doing something so mundane and repetitive when I could actually be doing some kind of work that actually gives me pleasure and produces something different than the last thing I produced. When you finish with the pots and pans? Anticlimax. And the depressing awareness that they will just get dirty again and that it's a thankless fucking task you only do to prevent yourself from winding up in squalor, filth, and mold without a clean thing to eat. I fucking HATE it.

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