Thursday, November 16, 2017

Blake Shelton is NOT Sexy

Okay, I can understand that there might possibly be newer up-and-comers (ahem) who might be sexier than or AS sexy as The Rock.

But Blake Shelton is not even fucking close to being one of them.

Here's where I caught wind of this proof that the majority of people cannot be relied upon to vote for people who are qualified for the position:

The Rock comments on no longer being the sexiest man alive

I suspect this is part of of our country's mad regressive rush into an insane white-lives-matter mentality. NEWS FLASH: if this is your poster boy, he's not proving your point with his piggy close-set eyes. He is much closer to ugly than sexy. Like ... anybody who wants to make a good mating choice would rule him out. Unless you are a fucking inbred moron.

Also? Most country music on the radio is not "country" or even "music" anymore; it's formula-driven commercial basic SHIT and straight-up propaganda.

I don't have a problem with loving guys who are as unattractive as Blake Shelton, or coming to find them attractive based on other factors. If you're married to someone who looks like Blake Shelton, I think it's super sweet if you post how he's The Sexiest Man Alive on your facebook wall. And I do not support people calling people ugly (the way I'm doing here) except in a situation like this. But objectively speaking, this is not a guy with sexy genes. Just fucking NOT. Gross. What the fuck is wrong with people????? Why is everybody so fucking stupid???????

It's frustrating, the ridiculously high(?) standards of beauty & sexiness women are held to, while THIS ugly tiny-featured average-at-best jackass is crowned The Sexiest.

Pretty sure the reason bitches voted for him is BECAUSE he's an insulting, stupid, proudly simple-minded shithole:

People's "Sexiest Man Alive" Blake Shelton Has Apparently Tweeted Some Very Problematic Things

Have fun making America "Great Again" ... aka totally destroying everything good about it and creating a flammable cesspool and forcing us all to live in it with your dumb fucking hateful shit-for-brains asses.

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