Monday, May 02, 2005

Anti-Theft Devices

I fucking hate the anti-theft wrapping they put on dvd's. They've got impossible-to-open cellophane tightly wrapping the entire thing, then they've got fucking THREE unbreachable sticky anti-theft doohickeys on every side of the case except the hinge side. Fucking COME ON.

Someday I hope to have a maid or a slave I can toss these at, because I fucking hate trying to open these SOBs. It's ridiculous when you buy something on the internet and they ship it to you with all of that stuff. Who am I going to steal from? Myself? Fucking give it a rest.

Then again, I make the process somewhat harder than necessary by refusing to simply slice through the stickers with scissors. I could do that, you know, just make the package openable . . . but I *can't* abide leaving that crap on the dvd case. It's so ugly.

It wasn't like this when people bought RECORDS. You know? Nice big album art, and none of this plasticized anti-theft CRAP.

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