Saturday, February 26, 2005

Our Loud BITCH Neighbor

She is an inconsiderate BITCH. The middle of the night, and I can hear her sitting outside, bitching on the phone. She's probably in her late twenties or early thirties, and I have devised all sorts of theories about her. That she doesn't have custody of her little brat child. That the reason for that is she's a BITCH. That she's probably abusive to him (I heard the kid screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night once). That she loves the cock. She loves the cock of abusive men. That guy with the old light blue chevy pickup with a brown dog tied to the truckbed with a rope he easily could have strangled on. The man left the dog out there to yip fearfully. I wanted to kill that man, and kill our BITCH neighbor.

I heard her arguing with her father. Screaming at him for interfering. For ruining her life. I imagined that he was trying to tell her she's not only a bitch, but a STUPID bitch.

I think the cock has left her, so once again her solace in life is sitting on her deck/balcony talking on the phone. Actually, BITCHING on the phone, loudly, in the middle of the night. You'd think the February cold air would deter her from sitting out there like the dumb obnoxious twat she is, yakking her bitch face off so that all her neighbors can hear her . . . but no. She is an inconsiderate bitch. I want to tell her to shut the fuck up.

In general, I can't stand watching or hearing anyone gabbing away on a telephone. It's especially bad when the person clearly holds phone conversations as one of their sole sources of entertainment in life, as though it's a big priority and one of their principle pleasures. These people lack imagination, and they lack the courtesy, self-awareness, and humility to recognize that a) everyone can hear their loud unceasing chatter, and b) other people may not WANT to hear them blabbering and shouldn't HAVE to hear their nasty fucking noise pollution.

Shut the fuck up, bitch.

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