Thursday, March 10, 2005

Shoe Size Discrimination

I am so sick of stores and catalogs not offering size 5 shoes. Apparently no one in this god forsaken country is smaller than a size 6. I'm tired of big people and their big fucking feet while we petite tiny people get stuck making do with children's shoes or stuffing too-big shoes with fillers to keep them from slipping off.

Wearing too-big shoes (even when you layer them with two or three insoles) is painful. PAINFUL. They rise up too far around the ankle, scratching and rubbing the fuck out of your tender ankle skin and bone. They come up too high on the heel, cutting into your tendons.

Aren't there enough itty bitty asian girls with shoe fetishes in this country to warrant offering a wider range of sizes? I am so fucking sick of of this crap, especially since my feet are actually even SMALLER than a five, it's a compromise even wearing those. Once upon a time, though, fives were the beginning of the range of women's sizes damn near everywhere you looked. Now people don't even pretend to cater to us.

I hate normal-sized people and their giant fat clodhoppers. Fuck off and die, size six and abovers. You take up too much space.

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